Genuine Service

Genuine Service

Opt for top-notch vehicle care at Chery Alghanim. Our skilled technicians utilize authentic Chery Motors parts to ensure a precise fit and optimal performance. Whether it's routine maintenance or intricate repairs, our dealership provides all the necessary services to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Rely on us to manage your vehicle's needs from the point of purchase to resale.

Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts

Each time you operate your vehicle, its various components come into play. Consequently, it is crucial to not only guarantee the expertise and training of the professionals handling your vehicle but also to ensure that the replacement parts employed in repairs are expressly crafted, engineered, and endorsed for your specific vehicle.

Opting for Chery suggested replacement parts assures you of their quality, precise fit, and functionality. 

Why Insist on Chery Original Parts

Why Choose Chery Genuine Parts Our replacement parts are manufactured to uphold the same outstanding standards as our vehicles. 

Employing parts crafted to seamlessly and precisely fit your vehicle can enhance its performance and longevity, leading to less frequent replacements and ultimately resulting in long-term cost savings.


At Chery, we make it our mission to ensure that you, your passengers, and pedestrians are protected while using our vehicles. Therefore, we meticulously design, manufacture, and test Chery original parts to meet and even surpass the mandatory safety and emissions standards, providing you with the confidence that your Chery is equipped with the most reliable and safe parts.


Every part of your Chery vehicle is engineered to function in unison for optimal performance, complete comfort, and maximum fuel efficiency. The same principle applies to Chery original parts, which are produced to the same rigorous specifications as our factory-installed parts, ensuring that they operate seamlessly with the other components of your Chery vehicle, providing the same exceptional performance, comfort, and fuel economy.


Chery original parts boast exceptional design and manufacturing quality, guaranteeing an ideal fit and finish that is on par with production parts. Their unparalleled quality translates to outstanding reliability and performance, providing you with complete assurance in their performance.


Insisting on Chery original parts and keeping your Chery 100 percent Chery can preserve its resale value in the future.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence

Service Excellence is showcased through our Service Advisors' meticulous Multi-Point Inspection, which accurately gauges your vehicle's condition and determines the necessary recommended services to ensure peak performance. This thorough examination covers vital components such as fluid levels, tire wear, battery life, brakes, shocks, and more. The goal of this service is to enhance your understanding of your vehicle's requirements and sustain its optimal functionality.

Even after you drive away from our premises, our commitment to your satisfaction remains unwavering. We are dedicated to supporting you throughout your ownership experience.

Following the assessment, you will receive a straightforward evaluation using a color-coded system:

Green: No immediate concerns identified

Yellow: Minor issues identified that may require attention soon

Red: Significant issues identified that demand immediate attention

DEALERSHIP MAINTENANCE SERVICE Preserve the Value of Your Investment with Genuine Chery Scheduled Maintenance Service at Your Dealership

Consult your vehicle's scheduled maintenance guide for details on the recommended maintenance, including when and how frequently to perform it based on mileage and time intervals.

Adhering to the recommended scheduled maintenance can:

Ensure safe and optimal vehicle operation

Prolong the lifespan of your vehicle

Prevent unexpected malfunctions

Enhance fuel efficiency

Boost the vehicle's value for trade-in or resale.

If you notice any of the following indicators, we strongly advise scheduling a service appointment with us promptly:

The "Service Engine Soon" light remains illuminated even after starting the engine.

Leakage of engine fluids is observed.

Any visible damage to engine components.

Audible loud noises emanating from the engine.

Smoke emerging from under the hood.



With the Chery Motors Warranty, you can have confidence in the quality of service, repairs, and bodywork for your vehicle. All work is done to the highest standards, ensuring your peace of mind. Furthermore, the transferable nature of the warranty means that it can be an added advantage for potential buyers if you decide to sell your Chery.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

We are always here to help you 24 x 7 roadside assistance call 1831111 est. 9

Services Covered


The supplier will tow the customer vehicle to the service center at Shuwaikh in case of electrical or mechanical breakdown.


Battery recharge service to be provided to the customer.


Providing fuel for customers to reach the nearest petrol station, but the cost of fuel to be borne by the customer.


Help customer change the flat tire with a spare tire already available in the customer vehicle. (Note: Spare tire availability inside the customer car is a must).